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They're commin' off medium rare!

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What's a trail repair party like? What do you do?

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It's all in the family!

Nothing like getting a little help from the kids, right? They make things more fun for everybody. The picture above tells a great story. But, check the video clip down below, as reality sets in!

Oh, man! It's like a hundred things at once...and like nothing you've ever done before!

It's seeing old friends and making new ones...even some of the kids. You really connect, you know? With both work and fun you feel like a team. On the bigger projects, we'll usually camp out. Doubles the fun!

They say I lead by example, dude!

When I get home, and I'm thinking about my sore muscles, there's something else I think about, too. It's about riding with more respect for the trails. See, it makes me feel like I own at least a part of them, and I've heard others say that, too. 

No way you can imagine all the work and different jobs it takes to keep our trails in good shape. Not until you've partied!

Seriously though, each time I sign up for a party, I always come away more impressed than before.

I'm impressed with how committed other riders are... with how hard a ranger's job is ...and with how much I learn and can teach others! People look up to me for that.

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This page is full of stuff that makes you feel like a real insider ...I think you're going to like it!

What do you think of this little guy?

He's not as little as he looks. You might even call him Mighty-Little.

Now, let's forget the bad jokes, and get into what matters here...

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Little as it is, this tractor can take you anywhere you need to go. It hauls almost anything, and practically dances around on the toughest of trails. But, that's not all you can expect from it. 

See that pile of steel in the back, with the white white circle on the end? Of course, the big circle tells you what's in the little circle. Right...well, those are big honkin' signs. The post? It's a 6-inch diameter steel tube with 1/4-inch thick walls. 

It takes two big guys just to set one in place. Sometimes they can loop a chain around it and the tractor just snatches it up. And, when it's too remote to set those 6-inch steel tubes in concrete, the operator sets his hydraulic bucket on top—and pushes them down into the ground like the ground wasn't even there! 

Dave? Dave is that you?

Some of these volunteers are a regular crew. They've ridden together for years. Friendships come easily around shared interests ...but you know that! And, if you haven't made a good friend on the trail yet, come join one of our work parties!

You want to know more about trail parties? Click or call the great people at Tread Lightly from the footer down there. They can even tell you when and where to join in, when you decide the time is right!

How long is this gonna to take?


Oh...Dave's not here. He must've gone out. 

You might be

...doing anything on a trail party. These two guys are installing a short fence to keep riders off what looks like a trail but isn't. As you pop over that hill—BAM! A killer washout's in your face.

There might be storm debris to clear, or erosion to fix. Maybe you'll help with a new section of trail, or replace old signs. Some of us like to  pick up trash wherever we go. And, I'll say this: you're lucky if you get to work with Dave!

Rangers. Are they friend or foe?

It's not a trick question. Sure, they have they have to say something when there's danger, when  someone might get hurt, or when it's obvious that they don't know the rules of the park. You'd do that too, if it was your job! Of course you would...we all would!

So, join the crowd. We've all had a run-in where we thought rangers were morons with a bad attitude and with a patch on their sleeve. But, try  working along side of them—just once—it will change your mind forever. The rangers I know are fun. They're respectful, and believe it or not, they're always thinking about you.

And crap...did you know this? Some rangers spend almost all their time running around maintaining our trails—and the tens of thousands of acres they run through? I didn't either, until my first party!

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I knew I'd meet you here. No doubt. Hope you enjoyed this leg!

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