The MiniMind:

Repair Damaged Trust

Learning to repair damaged trust and create a greater sense of belonging is the purpose that guides this MiniMind experience.

Damaged trust makes us feel vulnerable and hesitant. It challenges us, and blocks us from acting freely to accomplish our most important goals.

In Repair Damaged Trust, you'll unlock connections from human nature that, until now, have remained hidden in your DNA.

Open up to these connections, and how you understand the world around you will change.

For the first time, you can map out reliable solutions for any human-centric problem.

Trust2Connect MiniMind Experience

Shared insights and experiences from each team member enriches all team members.

(A concentrated MasterMind.)

Fresh. Powerful. Valuable.


Develop the kind of quality relationships you truly want.

Defend yourself from things you can’t control.

Build a community of trust and belonging.

Feel how you want to, especially when you don't.


Build trust.
Gain respect.
Know you belong.

Personal relationships, anchored in trust and a sense of belonging, are the quantum elements that allow us to build and move forward.

However, people and teams only succeed to the level of personal trust they are able to build and maintain.


The Collaboration Hub is your main area of activity inside the Connect Platform. It's where all of the trust-building elements of human nature are seamlessly integrated into the solutions your team designs.

With a small team of cohorts, you collaborate, solve problems, and learn intuitive new methods for meeting any challenge.

Throughout your experience, the Connect Platform provides the agile structure, process, and method for rapid, high-quality results.


"Repair Damaged Trust" is a 90-minute version of a full-day MasterMind. Shortened, but plenty long enough for you to experience what a game-changer Trust2Connect truly is.

Reclaiming your humanity

The institutions, organizations, and people we trust today occupy what seems like a fast shrinking circle. It's stripping away our humanity and creating an adversarial world.

You can change that, when you apply Trust2Connect methods and principles.

I've spent my entire life arriving at this point with Connect. I believe it can improve the life of any person who uses the concepts and methods it's built on. Try it and see...

It's my privilege and delight to be your guide as you experience Trust2Connect for the first time.

My experiences

You'll find me to be a multi-disciplined designer. Formal training began as a freshman in architecture, at the University of Nebraska. The work ethic there was incredible. People always work right up to deadline (including all-nighters) to make their design better and better.

It may have gone a little overboard, but many of us also tried our hands at things like graphic design, screen printing, and photography. I even had the chance to teach as an undergrad. Helping other people learn, I discovered, is one of the best learning experiences you can have.

College showed up in my rear view mirror, four years into a five-year program because I ran out of money. But, that didn't matter. I had already learned what I still believe today, was the most important lesson of my life:

 The principles of design work anywhere you apply them. So, architecture, graphics, marketing, software, and especially, you'll learn, they work in behavior design.

 The principles of design work anywhere you apply them. So, architecture, graphics, marketing, software, and especially, you'll learn, they work in behavior design.

Along the way

For me, design is a way of living. My experience has been enriched by design for: learning, change management, branding, marketing, communications, software, and more.

And always, in major and minor roles, it's included coaching, mentoring, and behavior diagnostics. You see this demonstrated in the stories below...


Jack Pierce, Managing Partner

Founder, Trust2Connect
Process, Method & Platform

I've enjoyed a crazy amount of collaboration, personal and professional help, plus virtual mountains of love and support in making Trust2Connect a reality. Of course, there's a backstory, too...

  • The disconnects between behavior that seemed logical, and what often happened instead—made me a student of behavior at a young age.

  • The role of an advocate for people being mistreated or taken advantage of seemed to come naturally. The importance of standing up for honor and principle has never faded.

  • Concern for others of behavior ...problem-solving to improve things. These would later launch Trust2Connect  ...and that's the backstory!


Over my career, I've had the good fortune to partner with the fine organizations at the bottom of this page.

Of course, it was the people—and working deliberatly to create high-trust relationships—that created our remarkale successes together.

As far as broad takeaways, we all need to...

  • Take stock of the human ecosystem, where we share, and have the opportunity to benefit from, connections to others.

  • Realize that, as a matter of DNA, all of us need to experience trust and belonging. This includes the expectations for being valued and understood. 

Directly below are two stories where the value of relationships jumps out at you. But realize, they were previously overlooked and undiscovered. 

  • Understand that the best chance for having our own needs and expectations met is being accountable for the human needs and expectations of others.

My goal is always legendary results from legendary relationships. If you're like that, you know it requires walking the talk, even when it ...turns to hard work ...makes you feel vulnerable ...requires being humble. Needless to say, honesty and integrity are always beyond question.

Michelin NA  | We're all human

This story is about the impact our behavior has on others, and the everyday relationships we often overlook and take for granted. 

Originally, online product training concentrated on engineering facts and specifications that supported the Michelin brand. But, customers weren't interested in engineering details. Courses didn’t help sell tires. They were literally a waste of time and the dropout rates kept climbing.

From where their learners sat, we explained, the message was: “We don’t care enough to be interested in you, just sell our tires.” How would you respond? It’s basic human nature to say to yourself something like: “Really? Just watch how I can ignore you!” 

Even though they were creating negative brand affinity, Michelin didn’t trust training salespeople who also sold competing brands. In response, we narrowed sales training to best practices for selling specific tires to likely Michelin customers. Then the commitment was made to build relationships with dealer sales people relying on behaviors that clearly put them at the center of the universe.

The approach delivered measurable, predictable, behavior change and results. Salespeople would eventually report that our courses were responsible for choosing a Michelin tire as their first customer recommendation 95% of the time.

Sales results can be hard to measure, but here too, the positive impact was clear. In one instance, Michelin recorded a 25% year-over-year increase in sales of their highest margin products through a large, North American retailer. The program also demonstrated that salespeople who took new product courses significantly outsold those who did not for a period of six months, or more.

Sam’s Club | The power of yes

Here, you'll learn how easy it is to develop the right solution by paying attention to human nature. In fact, it should be the first place you look!

As a contracted partner, we were already in the middle of new systems training for customer service reps (CSRs) when a serious new problem came to light. It was reported that Sam’s Club Members frequently described their phone conversations with CSRs as feeling stiff or impersonal, which translated as uncaring. 

This feedback is symptomatic of human interactions gone completely sideways. As we went hunting for the underlying cause(s), this question captured our challenge:

“How can a CSR come off as warm and supportive, when they’re instructed to read from a script, deliver programed answers, and never deviate?” 

Sam's answer was, they obviously can't. Yet that was the expectation, working inside the current practices and procedures. This realization created an immediate commitment to change.

We designed a highly successful solution with just four instructions, all based purely on the laws of human nature:

  • Create fresh and unique experiences with every call, using the scripted process to address the important information and goals.

  • Think of each Member they speak with as a favorite aunt, uncle, or grandparent. In short, be human ...polite, respectful, and engaged.

  • Diagnose any calls that might have gone better, using the acronym SOAR, a behavioral device my team created years earlier. It means building relationships on behaviors that are: Supportive, Objective, Accountable, and Responsive. (CSRs personally discover and take ownership of SOAR in training.)

  • For every question to a Member, ask in a way that they would most likely answer yes, rather than no. Short explanation: the positive brain chemistry created by repeating the word yes, creates a positive mood and positive memories. You can see how this reflects human nature. It’s also called neurolinguistics.

We immediately onboarded 300 seasonal CSRs using this strategy, with better than expected results. At the end of 90 days, the number of service kudos that Members conveyed to supervisors was 12 times higher than for the legacy CSRs. Just as important, the CSRs were getting a lot more enjoyment and satisfaction out of every day.


Sony Highly effective and valuable learning leads to high sales team engagement. We made Sony first in mobile-first content, creating new selling behaviors with customers, on the sales floor.

Weisman OD program SOAR: relationships of Supportive, Objective, Accountable, and Responsive behaviors. SOAR evolved to become the accountability standard for team member evaluations, sales pitches, and customer programs. Our design teams have used SOAR with numerous clients since. You saw it here, in the Sam's Club story.

Qualcomm Multi-channel training for mobile device technology and products. Safe practice of precise selling behaviors, plus optimum content management increased sales and brand awareness. 

AutoNation Adoption of the company's existing customer values for new hire onboarding. New hires felt really special ...and learned how customers would feel with the same treatment.

Newell Rubbermaid Online conversion of the Sales 101 workshop. With realistic practice in branching scenarios, learners mastered the use of online resources to increase their sales.

NASA To invest in new talent, we designed a secure mentoring app. We used both live and asynchronous collaboration, achieving personal ownership with 200+ project managers.

Petco Retail team members feared selilng. A learning and discovery journey made them realize customers are “pet parents” just like them, needing help. How fun to bond with another parent, over their “kids”!