Add trust. Multiply results.

Because you have...

  • Remote team members you’re not too sure about

  • Good talent that you keep losing

  • A team of chaos, not alignment

  • Mediocre team performance that blows back on you

And, because you know every team must work from a foundation of trust —you just need help getting there!

Why teamOS?

The teamOS platform supports the most critical team processes with integrated components, for...​

  • Collaboration & problem solving

  • Quantitative & qualitative data

  • Data informed coaching

  • Traditional and micro learning

  • Work in the flow of learning

  • Applying leading indicators

What's it do?


The Operating System
for highly effective teams.

teamOS is the solution for troubled, overwhelmed, distressed, embattled, confused, tormented ...and otherwise afflicted teams.

For teamOS this is serious business. Most teams suffer from some level of misalignment, dysfunction, and conflicting priorities. We want to help.

To be honest, we've fallen short for decades in solving critical problems like: talent retention, engagement, executive turnover, fractured culture, and lost customers...


Fair trade's a natural law

A fair trade is the only one people seek, invest in, and willingly repeat. Sociologists call fair trade "reciprocity" and explain that it's part of every culture on earth.

That makes it a natural law.

Each of us is born with a full-blown understanding of fair trade. We come prewired this way from the factory. 

Maybe you've thought of this, but we also have an innate sense for what an unfair trade looks and feels like. Here's what you need to know about that...

Build solid team trust

teamOS gives you the upper hand for any challenge.

And, it's unmatched at solving the human equationthe toughest part of any solution.

The powerful certainty of teamOS comes from Nature's VitalSpiral. Its simple principles guide the way to replace damaged trust with healthy trust for stronger, more productive teams.

The teamOS platform operates on solid business principles. It's driven by design thinking, infused with agile sensibilities.  


Unleash the nature of teams

When human nature thrives, people thrive. At work, home, and everywhere!

But, the more people there are in any group, the more difficult it is for them to maintain trust.

Any large-scale initiative is more likely to succeed when founded on team-level accountability.  

This makes it easier to isolate and correct problems. It will also minimize the damage problems can cause.

teamOS guides and supports teams in maintaining a foundation of healthy trust. This makes it easier for teams to effectively self-manage and self-correct.


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