Trust2Connect supports you in building relationships of trust, respect, and belonging, so that you and those around you can...

Confidently be who you want,  accomplish what you want, and feel how you want, every day.

Trust2Connect ...what's it mean?

It's in our DNA to connect with others. Yet, damaged trust creates disconnects that must be resolved.

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Our DNA drives us to connect with people (lots of them) so we all accomplish and contribute more.

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Shared trust determines what's accomplished within each personal relationship, and the sum of relationships across every team. 

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Human Nature is a set of rigid, hardwired connections. They're harsh and confusing if you don't understand them. Since most of us don't, we continually damage trust with others. 


the human experience work, home, and everywhere. 

Connect supports you and those closest to you with transformational services, content, and learning.

Understanding these rigid connections, provides a logical, dependable guide for building personal relationships on a solid foundation of trust. ...that's the purpose of Trust2Connect.

You're sure to value the 1 minute you spend here...


How you and the nautilus are related

Always. Mother Nature always grows the Nautilus shell in a repeating 8-step pattern. Human Nature follows the same expanding pattern as it defines...

  • ​Every emotion you have, and how it's triggered

  • All your feelings, and how to change them

  • Why we all behave in the often confusing ways we do

  • Why trust is so easily damaged, and so hard to repair

  • How relationships work, and why they sometimes don't

The laws of
Human Nature
are constant,
powerful, and inescapable.

Gather valuable new insights—in just minutes!


Frightened turtles. 
Frightened people.

You've seen this—when turtles are frightened, they refuse to stick their necks out.

Poke around too much and suddenly they snap at you!

You know this—sometimes people act just like turtles!


See how much you learn!